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Courses and Majors

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UFO College offers more majors and courses that prepare students for "real" jobs than Yale, Harvard, Stanford and the rest of the lot. In fact, nearly 15% of our graduate students are from Ivy League schools because they found that $200,000 for an undergraduate education "failed to open doors to success". Not a problem with a UFO College degree -and  UFO College is free!

Check out our current classes now in session:

Space Station Accounting
Martian Agricultural
UFO Sciences
Planet Anthropology
Alien Art for Profit
Coast To Coast AM & George Noory
Rocket Propulsion
N.A.S.A. and the Military 
Satellite Repair
Hubble Repair
Alien Biochemistry
Alien Biology
UFO Computer Systems
H2O Rockets
Pyramids & UFO Phenomena
Palomar & The Hale Telescope
Saucer Engineering
Planet Chemistry
Space Station Architecture
Black Hole Technology
Space Suit Engineering
Tractor Beam Technology
Space Suit Fashion
Alien Communications
Space Disorders
Borg Repair
Astronaut Health
Reflector Shield Engineering
Robot Science
Venetian Women Studies
Robot Repair
Computer Science
Criminal Justice
Star Trek Re-Runs
Close Encounters -the Movie
Rover Design & Repair
Starship Captain Training
Space Economics
Captain Kirk in the 21st century
Martian Canals
Cow Mutilations
Space Junk
Astronaut Education
Mars Lander Repair
Electrical/Computer Engineering
Greys Education
Asteroid Physics
UFO Electrical Technology
Space Environmental Engineering
Space Station Plumbing**
UFO Industrial Engineering
UFO Mechanical Engineering
Neil Armstrong -Real or Fake?
Planet Surveying
Phaser Bank Repair
Art Bell & Dreamland
How To Make $$ Filming UFOs
Whitley Strieber's Dreamland

** Lab Fees Extra

Alien/English Translation
Environmental Space Science
Planet Of The Apes
Mars -"The Face" & Richard Hoagland
Warp Drive Physics
Space Station Finance
Alien Languages
Crop Circle Design**
Klingon Culture
Abduction Phenomenon
War Of The Worlds
Alien Government Studies
Planetary History
Space Hotel & Restaurant Management
R2D2 Electronics
Humanoid vs Alien Nutrition
Individualized Studies
Dr Mack and Abduction Theory
Transporter Repair
Industrial Engineering
X-Files Investigation
Apollo 13 & the Tom Hanks Connection
Space Journalism/Mass Communications
Leary, LSD & the Nixon Connection
Enterprise Model Building
UFO Mathematics
Mechanical Engineering
Moon Rock Analysis
7 of 9
Rock and Roll in Space
NASA -The Cover-Up
Area 51** with Dr Lear
Space Station Nursing
Abduction Philosophy
Martian Physics
Vulcan Social Work
Alien/Humanoid Sociology
Planet Soil Science
George Bush Space Cadet Training
Special Education
Surveying Engineering
Space Theatre Arts
Saucer Science
Deep Space Geology
Intro to Men in Black
Beer Retention
Beers that are out of this World
Cooking with Cosmic Radiation
Beers and Uranus
Hops around the Moon
Milky Ways in the Milky Way
Martian Gourmet
Galactic Cuisine
Fundamentals of Unearthly Cooking
Creative Interspace Leftover Medleys
Gastronomical Sciences with  Dr Namgreb
Directing UFO Movies -B Movies Institute






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