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UFO College New England Jam
  2 Week Music Festival Sold Out

      Over 14,000 Alumni, local folks, and rock and roll enthusiasts came with tents, guitars, and their favorite rations to spend a week jam'n with the best at the annual UFO College New England Jam. Dave Matthews, Neil Young, Ziggy Marley, Sting, Jimi Hendrix and more kept all dance'n day and night. One alumni was quoted as saying, "This festival had all the craziness of the Woodstocks, without the shortage of porta-potties and beer"! Plans for the Spring concert at the Solana Beach, CA  Belly Up Tavern are now underway.

Rushmore Re-carved!
 UFO College Acquires Mountain

      The unveiling of the new Mt. Rushmore took place this past week to the delight of many who attended the ribbon cutting ceremony, estimated to be about 24,000+. "The Federal government did the right thing by selling MT Rushmore to UFO College," said one of the onlookers to the event. "Since the government couldn't keep the national shrine in good repair it became necessary to find a prestigious institution such as UFO College to take over the day to day upkeep", said UFO College President, Robert Nerglha. "We agreed to take on the responsibility as long as we could make a few minor modifications. The result, as you can see, brings tears to my eyes." Tours of the monument will resume on Monday.


Monkeyman seen with Bboc
Perform together at local pub!

      (MonkeyTV.com) A photo of Monkeyman (star of the hit movie, "Romancing the Stone") and missing UFO College Dean of Students, Dr. Phillip Bboc, has been received by this office from a well known Pub and steakhouse. It is proof that Bboc is still alive and hiding out from the Alienman!

      Pub owner, Oliver Brewskie, said that the duo came in and "tore the house down" with both new and classic tunes. "Beer sales hit the roof" said Brewskie. "I tried to get them to book another gig but before I could ask, they were gone"! Further details forthcoming.


Mars or Arizona -don't know!Monkeyman and Muzun Cross Country
End up in El Cajon
(MonkeyTV.com)  "I needed to go back home to figure out why I left in the first place", said the former Professor of UFO Electrical Technologies at UFO College, Jack Muzun.  "And, Monkeyman said he needed some sort of inspirational trip somewhere, so I figured we could split the costs to the West coast". 

 After several years of living in the thick and wild forests of New England, both Monkeyman and Muzun felt that they needed a place to go where there weren't  any trees -real trees anyway. A place where you could see miles up ahead of you.... if you needed to!

Although Monkeyman was a bit apprehensive at first about not being around a lot of trees, he felt that a trip to San Diego County, a land without any really good water too, would teach him a few more survival tricks.

"You can't always expect to be around trees and water, so I needed to go to a place to prepare myself", said Monkeyman.

How both Muzun and Monkeyman will do over the next several months or years remains to be seen, but you can be assured there will be some great pictures coming out of it!  

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